The South Bristol Historical Society was organized in 1998 to coordinate the efforts of a group of residents who had demonstrated an interest in the history of South Bristol and who wished to encourage broad participation in the preservation and enjoyment of the town’s rich heritage. More specifically, the organization’s goals are to collect and preserve historical memorabilia and important records relating to the town, to promote interest in local history among school children and the general public, and to maintain and operate an historical reference center for the public.



2124 State Route 129
South Bristol, Maine


P.O. Box 229
South Bristol, Maine 04568



See our special exhibit - A Town Is Born: South Bristol, 1915

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South Bristol Historical Society Organization


Co-Presidents: Ellen Wells and Cathy Stockwell
Treasurer: Betsy Graves
Secretary: Deb Storch
Historian: David Andrews


Charles Beaudette
Eugenie Cole
Nat Hammond
Carol Kelsey
Larry Kelsey
Carolyn McKeon
Donna Plummer
Sue Edwards
Cynthia Garrels
Warren Storch
Bob Emmons
Wayne Eugley
Larry Reed