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  • August 17, 7pm — “Postcards from Gus” with Cathy Phillips Jewitt & John Meader. At Union Church Parish Hall. This program looks at how brothers Luther and Augustus (Gus) Phillips created important historical Maine imagery for future generations. “Postcards from Gus: A modern travelogue through Maine’s past” with multiple episodes so far, can be seen online at


  • Rescheduled for Oct 12—Historian Jayne Gordon will return this year to speak again about South Bristol history. "Coming From Away: Visitors & Vacations in Maine & South Bristol" At Union Church Parish Hall.


  • October 12, 7pm—Historian Jayne Gordon and David Andrews will discuss more South Bristol history. "Coming From Away: Visitors & Vacations in Maine & South Bristol"  At Union Church Parish Hall.


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The Town of South Bristol, Maine

"The old and historic town of Bristol named for Bristol, England, is one of the oldest towns in Maine, being the 20th of near 700 towns and plantations in the state. It was incorporated in 1765, fifty five years before the separation of Maine from Massachusetts and is older than the national government."

"South Bristol was made a separate town by act of Legislature in 1915 and separated from the town of Bristol. The new town is bounded as follows, beginning at north side of Prentiss Island on Damariscotta River, running east with north side of Prentiss line to an ash tree in the fork of the road. Theron south to the east branch of Foster's Cove so-called at the head of John's Bay, thereon southerly and westerly following the shores of John's Bay, Rutherford's Island, Atlantic Ocean, and Damariscotta River to the point of beginning, including all adjacent islands formerly belonging to Bristol."

(From "A Short History of South Bristol, Maine," by Nelson W Gamage, circa 1920)

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