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The South Bristol Historical Society offers several books for sale. We invite you to discover the rich history of this area of Mid Coast Maine that we call home.

(photo above: Staples Market, South Bristol, Maine 1948)

Pemaquid Peninsula.png

Pemaquid Peninsula

Offshore fishermen and skillful shipbuilders transformed the quiet shores of the Pemaquid Peninsula beginning in 1815. The maritime economy drove local commerce until enterprising locals turned to ice harvesting, granite quarrying, brick making, lobster canning and pogy oil processing before summer tourism grew and thrived. The descendants of revolutionaries became the faces of a more prosperous generation, men like Albert Thorpe....more

The South Bristol Cook Book

The Ladies Aid Societies were instrumental in supporting communities throughout the country in the late-19th and early-20th centuries.  Amongst other things the South Bristol Society raised money to build a church and later a parsonage. A large proportion of the funds came from the sale of their cook book which was originally printed in 1930. The SBHS now offers for sale reprinted copies of the book....more

Here First.jpeg

Here First: Samoset & the Wawenock of Pemaquid, Maine

On March 16, 1621, Samoset, a sagamore of the Wawenock, cemented his place in history. He was the first Indigenous person to make contact with the colonists at Plymouth Plantation, startling them when he emerged from the forest and welcomed them in English. The extraordinary thing about Samoset’s story is that he was not from Plymouth. He was not even Wampanoag, or Patuxet, who lived in the area. Samoset’s home was more than 200 miles away on the coast of present-day Maine. Why was he there? And why was he chosen to make contact with the English settlers? ....more

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