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Volume 14, #1

"Meet Samuel A. Miles and Family," the first installment of a series about Miles who came to the United Staes in 1880 as an 18 year-old and became known as the "father of the automobile show," organizing and running auto shows in Cicago and New York. He came to Christmas Cove in the early 1900's, bought the properties that came to be known as the "Miles Estatee" and built the "Miles Tower," still a landmark today.

Volume 14, #2

"Meet Samuel A. Miles and Family - Part II," the continuing story of Sam Miles, introduces Isabel R. Miles and describes the summer camp for needy children built by Miles on his property along the Johns Bay waterfront, This issue also welcomes another historic structure - the old smokehouse which sat for many years at the edge of the water near the bridge.


Volume 13, #1

"Who was Larry? What was the Autograph Library?" Those questions about Larry Chittenden, known as the 'poet ranchman" and the proprietor of the Christas Cove Library, are answered in excerpts from the "Lewiston Maine Journal "(1929), the Bath "Daily Times and Weekend  Independent" ((1929), the "Christas Cove Improvement Association Centennial History" (2000), the website "The Handbook of Texas Online" (2009), and the website "Country World News: Texas Trails: Cowboys Christmas Ball" (2009)

Volume 13, #2

"Schooner Ocean Belle Rescue: A Brave Deed - Rescue of five men from a watery grave by the heroic acts of three men from Christmas Cove," An account of a shipwreck on the Thread of Life in the fall of 1889 and the rescue of its crew by Anson Marden, Manley Brewer nd Loring Thorp. News of the gift of a 7 by 5 foot anchor, found in 1968 in the very same area where the "Ocean Belle" went down, given to SBHS by Linwood Gamage.


Volume 12, #1

From "The Pemaquid Messenger" - 1887 & 1888, reports on the travels of the Schooner Eunie McKown, Frank Wells, Master, including a lengthy account of a voyage to near Bluefield on the Mosquito Coast (Nicaragua) of central America:more about Captain Wells and his connection to South Bristol.


Volume 12, #2 

"The Case of the Moving School," by David Andrews, attempting to trace the location of the schoolhouse now known as the S Road School through deeds ad road locations. Pictorial review of the progress of restoration of the S Road School from spring 2005 to fall 2009.


Volume 11, #1

"A 1732 Letter," prepared by David Andrews, SHHS Historian, including excepts from a letter written by a James Grady in 1732 extolling the many virtues of the Bristol area, to encourage potential Scotch-Irish settlers to come to the area.

Volume 11, #2

"Plummer Point Preserve - A History of the Land," excerpts from the report prepared for the Damariscotta River Association by SBHS members Polly Ulin, Carolyn McKeon, Kath Norwood and Lance Kelsey.


Volume 10, #1

"School Days - Excepts from interviews with Sarah Emery," responses of Sarah Emery to interviews by Richard Hawkins, South Bristol School Principal in 1975 on subjects such as Christmas decorations, the water bucket, flag, desks, and building care. "Slaves in South Bristol?" by David Andrews, Historian, relates that of seven well-to-do Bristol farmers, sea captains, and traders. One of them, William Miller, was a slave owner as shown in the records of his estate which listed "Three Negroes - 80 pounds."

Volume 10, #2

"Memoirs - South Bristol, Maine - World War II," by Rosamond Cook Becker, describing her childhood days as a summer visitor in South Bristol; "From the Historian's Desk," by David Andrews, on the subject of the Rev. Robert Rutherford for whom Rutherford's Island is named.


Volume 9, #1

"A Reminiscence of 1812" - a handwritten account of the John's Bay revolutionary sea battle between the British warship Boxer and the Continental US warship Enterprise, from Arletta Thorpe family papers. 

Volume 9, #2

"A Panorama of South Bristol Village, circa 1892," by David Andrews, Historian. Commentary on a series of nine captivating photographs from the original collection of Alvin Gamage (descendent of the South Bristol family), photographs are a panorama taken from the Cupola of the Summit House on Rutherford Island. 


Volume 8, #1

'South Bristol History Reading List,' compiled by Dave Andrews; The Sproul Homestead, as listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Volume 8, #2

'South Bristol Cvil War Participants,' compiled by Dave Andrews; 'The Emily Means House,' is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, located on Birch Island, it is a rare example of a summer cottage in Mediterranean style.

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