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Volume 20, #1

"What's New at the Museum;" "2017 Summer Program;" "Excerpts from the Pemaquid Messenger, January 1887 - November 1887;" "Meet Your SBHS Board."


Volume 20, #2 

"2017 in Review;" "A Scrap of Wallpaper gets us Thinking."


Volume 19, #1

"Bad Day at the Gut," by Ed Myers, excepted from The Island Journal 1986; "Random Notes on the Pogy Industry in South Bristol;" "Bristol's Menhaden Industry," compiled by Bob Emmons from the Pemaquid Messenger, May, 1892

Volume 19, #2

"New Photograph Collection," Damariscotta photographer Ivan Flye's 1950 -1970's photographs of Gamage Shipyard archived at the Penobscot Maine Museum; "Goodbye Swing Bridge, Welcome New Bridge," Construction photos of the new Gut Bridge; "WW II Veteran's Memorial."


Volume 18, #1

"South Bristol 1915 - 2015: The Centennial Year is Here;" "Welcome to the NEW SBHS Museum," A quick tour of the revamped museum. "Little Nell's Doll;" "A Petition for the Division of the Town of Bristol and Some of the reasons Therefor," A reprint of a document sent to the state legislature. 

Volume 18, #2

"SBHS and the Centennial," Honoring South Bristol residents, South Bristol Separates from Bristol; "Down on the Island and Up on the Main," A special showing of the exhibit created by Ellen Vincent; "Darling Marine Center - Celebrating 50 Years," A history of the Darling Marine Center and it's property. 


Volume 17, #1

"Celebrating the Post Offices of South Bristol;" "Wentworth Point History Bulletin #3 - The Woodmans of Wentworth Terrace," by Randy Lackovic of the Darling Maine Center. 

Volume 17, #2

"Post Office History and a Special Postmaster," Celebrating the post offices of South Bristol, and retiring postmaster Wayne Benner; "On Heron Island - Circa 1885," A letter written by Henry Seaver to Miss Strong in 1934.


Volume 16, #1

A preview of "Well Out to Sea - Year Round on Matinicus Island," by Eva Murray; SBHS and South Bristol School's work on the Maine Memory Network website; "A History of South Bristol."

Volume 16, #2

"Honoring South Bristol Residents," Trustee Carol Kelsey's project; "South Bristol Eats," An exhibition at the S Road School celebrating eating places of days gone by; "Students go to Class," South Bristol 1st & 2nd graders experience school as it was in the 1930's; "Pemaquid Messenger 1886 - 1894," Excerpts on South Bristol, West Bristol and Pemaquid locals, compiled by trustee Nat Hammond.


Volume 15, #1

"Meet Samual A. Miles and Family - Part III," the final installment of the series describes the Wills left by Sam Miles and Isabel, as well as the various memorials still to be found in the South Bristol Area.

Volume 15, #2

From the front page of "The Pemaquid Messenger," December 1, 1892, and article entitled "South Bristol's Growth - Her New Hotel, the Summit House," describes in detail the newly-built Summit House hotel, concluding that, "...there is no part of our town that you can visit where you will see more business activity, or find more things that will interest you, than at South Bristol."

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