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The S Road School Becomes an Art Gallery

The South Bristol Historical Society honored local artists, both past and present, with an art exhibit at the S Road School in August of 2011. The event furthered the Historical Society's goals of using the unique building as a resource for the whole community and connecting the past with the present. More than 130 people visited the exhibit over the two-day period.

Many forms of artistic endeavor were included - drawing, painting, fiber, wood carving, metal work and sculpture. Representing today's younger generation, a mural created by South Bristol elementary school students during their 2011 artist-in-residence week was on display.

Artists from days gone by whose work was shown were: Jane Sewall, Wilfred Hamlin, Martha Marden King, Audrey Maxcy, Willard Metcalf, Mattie Whittemore, Kathleen Thorpe, Everett A. Poole, Arletta Thorpe, Marj Farrin, Clarence L. Collens, Ralph R. Norwood, Mansfield Hunt, and Ted Prescott.

Today's South Bristol artists were also well represented, including some whose work is easily recognized and others less well-known but talented and interesting in their own right. Those visiting the exhibit enjoyed work created by: Tom Block, Steve Busch, Sally Loughridge Busch, Kat Farrin, Edmund "Ipper" Collens, Susan Bartlett Rice, Duncan Halm, Sam Hamlin, Ted Hanks, Consuelo Hanks, Marlene Hosey, Betty Humphries, Patrick McCarthy, Dick Miller, Kay Miller, Michele Moran, Maude Olsen, Diane Prescott, Gina Riddiford, South Bristol School, Joyce Scott, Tenley Seiders, Priscilla Smith, Joan Post, Shelia Morrell, Joy Vaughn, Don Thompson, Burke Johnson, and Nancy Houseworth.

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