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Captain R. Corliss Farrin

Ralph Corliss Farrin worked as a boat captain for the US Navy sonobuoy testing range, managed by the Vocaline Company (later VAST, Inc.) at Rutherford Island. Farrin operated the Q-Boat, a 65-foot patrol vessel, refitted for the special antisubmarine testing procedures.

On Dec. 10, 1965, while working offshore with the testing crew, Corliss got word on the radio that a Navy patrol plane with a six man crew had ditched at sea 25 miles east of Brunswick, and to proceed to the location to assist in the rescue. The plane, a P-2 Neptune, while on a local training flight, had fired a rocket that hung up and ignited the wing. The pilot had just enough time to radio their location. A Coast Guard helicopter and Navy vessel headed for the scene as did Corliss and his crew who were in the vicinity. Later they received a Navy commendation for their prompt action and skill in helping to save five of the six men. One man died due to exposure to the 42 degree water. Read the full story in our 2022 Spring Newsletter.

Capt. Corliss Farrin


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